Jockey crushed by horse during Derby

Kiplingcotes Derby sign.
Kiplingcotes Derby sign.

A jockey who was crushed by her horse in a fall during last week’s Kiplingcotes Derby is expected to be in hospital for at least another two weeks.

Mother-of-one Jane Chivers, from Fangfoss, was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary by a helicopter from RAF Leconfield following the fall in which she suffered a number of injuries, including broken bones and ribs and internal bruising.

Her husband Howard, who is a lecturer at York University, said she was “fairly uncomfortable” but that she had no head or spinal injuries.

He said: “The hospital said it was great that she was so fit to begin with.”

Mrs Chivers. who is a former British champion in the horse orienteering sport Le Trek, was initially tended to by a vet at the course because the terrain was too rough for a road ambulance to get through.

Organisers of the race said they had been concerned over Mrs Chivers’ welfare, especially after they were unable to get an update on her condition because her mobile phone was switched off and they had no number to contact her family.

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