IT boss’s national award glory

Sam Mudd, managing director at Pocklington-based Phoenix Software.
Sam Mudd, managing director at Pocklington-based Phoenix Software.

A Pocklington-based businesswoman has scooped a prestigious Women in IT Award at a London ceremony.

Sam Mudd, managing director at Pocklington-based Phoenix Software, claimed the Business Leader Of The Year accolade at the event.

Ms Mudd was praised by the judges for having a high percentage of women in her organisation.

The Business Leader Of The Year award was given to a female leader of a technology company, or a business leader within a large technology company, who has demonstrated outstanding business leadership over the last 18 months.

Judges examined the growth of the company, the innovation it has brought to the market and specific achievements and initiatives of the candidates. Business Leader of the Year was sponsored by Barclays. The organisers said Ms Mudd is passionate about tech and working with female leaders and employees – and people in general.

She gained a Psychology degree and was running Novell UK Channel by the age​ of 28. Now managing director for Phoenix, the judges said ​her motto is “never do anything half-heartedly or without passion – always make it count”.

Ms Mudd said: “I am delighted that this award has gone to a Yorkshire Business Leader, but quite simply I could only have achieved it with the support of all my colleagues, and the encouragement and development from both male and female bosses that I have had over the years at Phoenix.

“It is fitting tribute because Phoenix Software was founded by two exemplary women who set the culture and encouraged women to take senior roles within the business when they started it just over 27 years ago.

“That culture prevails today, and our previous male chairman was also supportive of balancing our very male-orientated IT industry with talented females in the right roles across the business.

“Consequently, women have always had a seat at the board within Phoenix and this month we have announced a new female addition, Clare Metcalfe, who is the Phoenix operational director and has always lived in the Pocklington area and worked at the company for 22 years.

“It has been a great award to share with all our staff, but we are successful because of the team spirit we foster and work hard at all year round.”