Island Man Andy’s extreme adventure

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A DECORATOR from Full Sutton has been braving sub-zero temperatures as part of an extreme adventure.

Andy Strangeway, 46, has been sleeping overnight on each of the four extreme points of Yorkshire and has also spent a night on top of each of the three Ridings’ summits.

Andy may be best known to some as the Island Man after sleeping on 168 different Scottish Islands since 2003.

His latest adventure, which started at the end of October last year and finished on 6 February, was initially just a training exercise for his summer expedition to Rockall, an extremely small and remote island in the North Atlantic Ocean, but it ended up being much more than that.

Andy said: “It was absolutely fantastic. Although the -17 temperatures were, even for me, a little too cold.

“It was a little hectic with my work. Initially we had to find the locations of these extreme points because nobody knew where they were.

“It started off as training, but it was a fantastic adventure in itself.”

His Yorkshire adventure began on 30 October when he slept one night on Tyke’s Way in North Yorkshire. In November he slept a night on the North Riding summit, Mickle Fell, the Greave Clough Head in West Yorkshire and the West Riding summit, Whernside.

In January, Andy spent a night on the East Riding summit, Bishop Wilton Wold, and the Spurn Point in East Yorkshire. He ended the adventure by sleeping a night on Grange Farm in South Yorkshire.

For every night he slept outdoors, all Andy had was a sleeping bag, food, water and essential medical kit.

As a result of his adventure, Andy has achieved several firsts including the first person to sleep at the western most point of Yorkshire, the first person to sleep on the summits of all three Ridings, the first person to sleep on the East Riding summit and the first person to sleep on the eastern most point of Yorkshire. He is also the first person to sleep on the southern most point of Yorkshire and the first person to sleep on the four extreme points of Yorkshire.

Andy is hoping to do a photo exhibition around Yorkshire over a one year period using the photographs he took during his extreme adventure.

When asked what he is most proud of from his achievement, Andy said: “I’m most proud of what it’s going to lead on to. Most people don’t know much about Yorkshire. We all know Yorkshire is the best and we should shout about it more.”

In the summer, Andy will attempt to become one of few people to sleep on Rockall, 180 miles west of Scotland.

Less than 100 people have landed on the island. Andy did not want to reveal when exactly the expedition will take place but admitted he is nervous about doing it.

He said: “It still terrifies me but you have to face up to your fears.”