Is this your bike?

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A POCKLINGTON couple who found a new bicycle stuck in a hedge on Kilnwick Road are appealing for its owners to contact them.

Tom and Jenny Storey were walking along the road on 12 January when they spotted the bike embedded in a hedge just before the turn-off to Millington Lane.

The couple believed it likely that the bike had been stolen then abandoned so they took it to Pocklington Police station.

After two weeks nobody had claimed it so the bike was returned to Tom and Jenny who are now keen to give it back to its rightful owner.

Jenny said: “It had clearly been thrown into the hedge as it was quite difficult to remove.

“We took it to the Police Station in Pocklington where it remained for two weeks until 26 January but as no-one had claimed it the bicycle was returned to us.

“A child must be missing this bike and it seems such a shame that no-one reported it missing or claimed it from the police.

“We would love to re-unite the bike with its rightful owner.”

If anybody recognises the orange Trax BMX bike as theirs, they can contact the Storeys on 01759 302760.