Inspiring experience

michael kerr
michael kerr

RUBBING shoulders with serial killers and Mafia bosses has certainly given local writer Mike Smail plenty of material for his latest book.

Mike, who lives in Warter and writes under the name Michael Kerr, has released his latest book ‘Deadly Reprisal’ online and said that his 20-years working in the prison service has been a great source of inspiration.

“I’ve certainly met some characters,” said Mike, who spent five years working at Full Sutton prison where some of the country’s most dangerous criminals are held.

“Working in the prison service means you come across people like Dennis Nilsen, and I knew a couple of wonderful Mafia characters who were ever so friendly,” he said.

“I’ve definitely used my experiences with criminals in my books, obviously changing names and altering details to turn it into fiction.

“In the prison service you get to see both sides, not just the criminals but also a lot of dealings with the police and the justice system.

“You do learn a lot.”

Now retired, Mike spends much of his time writing crime thrillers and has completed 17 books.

“I haven’t gone down the self-publishing route,” he said, “And it is so hard to get published these days if you’re not a celebrity with a fan base.

“But my latest book is available to download at Amazon Kindle and I’d really like to get word out to local people who might be interested in reading work by a local author.

“Friends and family tell me I write a good thriller - I certainly don’t pull any punches,” added Mike.

‘Deadly Reprisal’, which follows the story of a vigilante out for revenge, is available to download on the Amazon Kindle website for £1.98.