Inspectors: Full Sutton a ‘high performing prison’

Inspectors raise some concerns about Full Sutton Prison but say it is well led and capable.
Inspectors raise some concerns about Full Sutton Prison but say it is well led and capable.

An inspection of the high security HMP Full Sutton has found it to be “a high performing prison”, but inspectors were concerned about the treatment of prisoners in segregation.

The prison was well led and met its challenges calmly and competently, according to Martin Lomas, Deputy Chief Inspector of Prisons, who has published a report of the unannounced inspection of the prison.

Inspectors were pleased to find that “Full Sutton, notwithstanding the potential risks, is a safe prison,” according to the report. The report says “violence remained rare and incidents were generally low level” and “incidents of self-harm were relatively few”. It also says “security was well managed” and that the “use of illicit drugs was very low level”.

Inspectors found that “the environment and quality of accommodation was generally very good and relationships between staff and prisoners were formal but respectful.”

However, the report says inspectors were concerned to find that “significant numbers of prisoners had been segregated and some for extended periods of time, but management supervision of the segregation unit was insufficient and accountability was lacking.”

The report adds that inspectors were also concerned to find that “two prisoners had taken their own lives since the last inspection” in 2012.

Mr Lomas said: “HMP Full Sutton remains a high performing prison. We have raised some concerns, notably concerning the segregation unit, the promotion of equality and the need for better offender risk management. That said, the establishment is well led, confident and capable. It has a clearly defined role holding long-term in and in many cases, dangerous prisoners who have committed very serious offences. The prison discharges this responsibility with proportionality and ensures some good outcomes for those held.”

Ed Cornmell, governor of HMP Full Sutton, said: “Full Sutton prison has a committed staff team who dedicate themselves to keeping the prison and the public safe. I am delighted that the chief inspector has recognised the professionalism of staff and the competent and capable way that they go about their work. We are pleased that the prison has received such a positive report but of course we will address those areas that require improvement.”