Inspection leaves kids bouncing

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KIDS were left bouncing after an Ofsted inspection put them top of the class.

Youngsters from Holme-on-Spalding Moor Primary had a bouncy castle set up in the main hall of the school as a fun-day treat after the inspectors said the school was outstanding in almost all areas.

They were also given the chance to come to school in non uniform, and have roast beef or home-made pizza for lunch.

The choices were made by the youngsters’ on the school council who were asked how they would like to celebrate the recent success.

Headteacher Mark Alston explained: “We consulted with the school council and they had a great deal of fun. We talked about it before Christmas but with all the events going on we thought it would be best to do it in the new year.

“It was nice to be able to help organise the top requests of what they wanted to do.

“It was a good chance for them to let their hair down for the contribution they made to the Ofsted inspection.”

The school was given a glowing report after inspectors visited their High Street facility in November, receiving ‘outstanding’ or’ good’ for each section marked.

The report put them in the top eight per cent of schools in the country.