Indian dance company makes rare visit

Indian dance at Pocklington School
Indian dance at Pocklington School

An internationally renowned Indian dance company wowed students at Pocklington School last week with an unforgettable performance.

The Kala Chethena Kathakali Tour performed at the Tom Stoppard Theatre on 11 November during a rare visit to the UK.

Kathakali originated in the 17th Century temples of Kerala, south India, and means ‘story play’.

It embraces dance, drama, music, visual arts and rituals to create a powerful and emotional form of storytelling

After hours of careful preparation by specially trained make-up artists the actors were transformed into gods, kings, devils and princesses, empowering them to tell universal stories where good and evil battle for supremacy and mythology comes alive.

Students also got the chance to try some of the Indian drumming and singing for themselves during two workshops on the day.

Alan Heaven, Head of Drama and Artistic Director of the Tom Stoppard Theatre said: “It was a privilege to have seen them, they were courteous, helpful and overcame language barriers with generosity and humour.

“This was cultural diversity demonstrated at its most compelling.”