Independent wins by-election

Independent Andy Strangeway
Independent Andy Strangeway

The voters of the Pocklington Provincial Ward have elected Independent candidate Andy Strangeway as their new councillor.

The 51-year-old from Full Sutton received 38 per cent of the voting at a by-election on April 7.
The by-election, which was triggered following the death of long-serving Conservative councillor Stephen Lane, saw a total of 2,717 votes cast with a turnout of 21.2 per cent.
Mr Strangeway received 1,032 votes, with the Conservative’s Paul West leading the chasing pack with 980 votes.
“It was a massive win but I am absolutely exhausted now,” he said. “I have taken a month off from my job and not had a lot of sleep recently but all the hard work has paid off.
“I think it is fantastic how an independent has come from nowhere to overturn 2,116 votes to get in. I’d like to thank the people who came out to vote on the day with an impressive turnout.
“I look forward to representing the people of the Pocklington Provincial Ward. We have to remember though, we’re only on page one. The most important thing now is to keep moving forward.”
Lucie Spadone of the Labour Party received 490 votes while UKIP’s Neil Tate received 7.9 per cent of the votes with 215.

Mr Strangeway will join Conservative councillors Claude Mole and Kay West as the representatives for the Pocklington Provincial Ward.

The results:

1. Andy Strangeway (Independent) 1,032 (38%)
2. Paul West (Conservative) 980 (36.1%)
3. Lucie Spadone (Labour) 490 (18%)
4. Neil Tate (UKIP) 215 (7.9%)