Impressive GCSE results at Pocklington School

Pocklington School Fifth Year pupils with their GCSE results.
Pocklington School Fifth Year pupils with their GCSE results.

One in four GCSE students at Pocklington School achieved 10 or more A*s and As in an excellent set of GCSE results.

Every subject saw students out-perform expectations to produce results which show the school’s commitment to making a difference has paid off.

In total, 96.5% of pupils achieved five A* to C grades including Mathematics and English*, with 56.5% of students achieving A* or A grades. An impressive 24.7% of the year group achieved 10 or more A*/A grades.

Mark Ronan, Pocklington School headmaster, said: “Congratulations to all our pupils and staff on surpassing expectations with this impressive set of results.

“We aim to support each child to achieve their best, and that approach has proved equally successful for our brightest pupils, as well as those who are less academically inclined.

“We do make a difference and that’s due to the commitment of our staff to support each pupil academically and pastorally, every step of the way. GCSE exams are challenging due to the number of subjects studied, and our pupils have worked hard to produce results they should be proud of.”

Delighted pupil Tiger Brash said: “I’ve done much better than I thought! I want to be a vet and I’m studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths at A Level, so I’m really pleased.”

Lucy Maycock said: “I’m delighted with my results! It means I can carry on into Sixth Form and study the subjects I was hoping to, which is fantastic.”

The following 21 candidates all achieved 10 A* or A grades: Daniel Isenstein (12A*); Peter Massey, Nikita Roy (11A*); Liv Dytham, Emma Farnsworth (10A*); Tom Bean, Florence Colbeck (9A*); Amy Johns, Jack Roberts, Ali Rowe (8A*); Grace Birch, Tiger Brash (7A*), Henry Foster, Marco Li, Sam Noble (6A*); Hamish Broadbent, Mary Hallam, Harry Kneeshaw (5A*); Emma Hanley, Lizzie Howe, Will Wright (4A*)

NB: A* includes students who achieved A* with distinction in the Further Mathematics exam.

l Pocklington School pupils take IGCSE English Language, English Literature and Mathematics, an internationally recognised qualification which we consider better preparation for A Level. IGCSEs are still, at present, returning a letter grading system.