Ideas sought for iconic phonebox

Phone Box - Barmby Road
Phone Box - Barmby Road

POCKLINGTON Town Council are asking residents to suggest possible uses for a red telephone box in the town.

The council are set to buy the K6 phonebox on Barmby Road from BT for just £1.

Now local councillors want residents to come up with creative ideas to transform it into a feature for the town.

Councillor Richard Bryon of Pocklington Town Council said: “If we paint it up and come up with a good use for it, it could be a nice little feature.”

Around the country, red telephone boxes have been converted into various facilities including a library, a public toilet and a community kiosk.

In a Cambridgeshire village, locals turned their redundant phone box into a pub.

The number of red telephone boxes around the country has reduced considerably over the years thanks to the increase of mobile phone use, but they are still considered to be one of Britain’s most iconic structures.

They were first introduced by the Post Office in the 1920’s and were designed by Sir Gilbert Scott.

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