Ice warning after six vehicles spin off road

Six crashes have led to calls for Ash Lane to be gritted during icy conditions.
Six crashes have led to calls for Ash Lane to be gritted during icy conditions.

A businesswoman who operates from a village in the Pocklington and district area has voiced her concerns about the ‘lack of gritting in icy conditions’.

Joy Lupton, who runs a business from Seaton Ross, said that at least five cars and a lorry had spun off Ash Lane during the last cold snap and was worried about the gritting situation.

Mrs Lupton is particularly concerned about the school bus which travels along Ash Lane during terms times.

Other residents are also worried about the back lane and Mrs Lupton said that someone may even end up being killed in the icy conditions.

She said: “Five cars have left the road in quick succession down Ash Lane along with a huge lorry.

“The lorry turned over on the black ice, ending in a dyke. The road has been treacherous lately.

“We run a business at Seaton Ross and we have people that travel from across the county to work for us.

“One of our workers, who lives in Pickering, hit some black ice and wrote her car off and I also came off the road after lunch time on the way back from Harrogate and ended in a ditch where she came off. Locals are concerned about the lack of gritting, especially as the school bus uses this route.

“Will it actually take someone getting killed before we finally get some grit on the roads around Seaton?

“We are just very frustrated about the situation and the sheer amount of accidents occurring when the road is not gritted.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The council’s winter team has an extremely large area to cover, spreading salt on more than 800 miles of road – the Precautionary Network – every time icy weather is forecast throughout the East Riding.

“Ash Lane in Seaton Ross is included on the Secondary Network, covering a further 300 miles, which is normally treated when ice or snow is forecast to persist beyond midday.”