“I don’t live in Humberside” says MP

Graham Stuart
Graham Stuart

Member of Parliament for Beverley and Holderness Graham Stuart is striking back at the continued use of the word Humberside on postal addresses with a new campaign to return incorrectly addressed mail.

Mr Stuart said, “A sense of place is important to people in East Yorkshire and it’s time that Royal Mail recognised that. Residents, community leaders and MPs have repeatedly requested the removal of North Humberside from the Royal Mail database but they have stubbornly and unreasonably refused. Enough is enough.

“It is time to send these incorrectly addressed letters back where they came from. I’m asking Beverley & Holderness residents to “Stick it” to the Royal Mail and join my campaign by sending back wrongly addressed junk mail.”

Residents are invited to use pre-printed stickers to return unwanted mail that has been sent to Humberside or North Humberside. Sticker sheets are available from the MP by emailing graham@grahamstuart.com or telephoning 01482 679 687. None of the costs of the campaign will be met from taxpayer funds.

Mr Stuart added, “The run up to Christmas is the ideal time to run this campaign as there are endless amounts of advertising mail heading through our letter boxes and a constituency-wide blitz on wrongly addressed mail will send a clear message from Beverley and Holderness that we want Royal Mail to mend its ways.”