Hunting for police dogs


A RECRUITMENT drive is underway in Humberside Police - but it is staff of the four-legged variety that the force is looking for.

It needs to recruit four new search dogs and is currently looking for Labrador or Springer or Cocker spaniel type dogs to be trained as drug and cash detection dogs.

The dogs need to be of a good temperament, aged between 12 and 24 months old, and have a high drive to both search for and play with a ball.

Dog handler, Sergeant Alan Park, said: “We have been in touch with our usual contacts including private breeders and rescue centres, but we are struggling to come up with many dogs that fit the bill and so we now need to look a bit further afield.”

Once fully trained, the dogs will be involved in searching for illegal drugs in all manner of policing operations as well as cash searches.

The new intakes will be allocated to a dog handler and become part of a team with that handler and live at home with them as all police dogs do.

The training will take place over a five week period, after which the dogs will be allocated to jobs across the force area which will include the searching of vehicles that have been used in crimes and attendance at the execution of drugs warrants.

Anyone who has a dog they think may be appropriate and might make a good police dog should, in the first instance, contact dog handlers Jon Fenton on 07917 174632 or Paul Harrison on 07976 618646 for further information.

PC Gideon Hunt with his police dog Bo