Hundreds of spectators go quackers for duck race

Hundreds of people flocked to the Wilberfoss duck race.
Hundreds of people flocked to the Wilberfoss duck race.

Villagers had a quacking time during this year’s annual duck race in Wilberfoss.

The event, which raised about £2,700 for activities and groups in the area, included six duck races, with 250 plastic ducks in each race. People paid £1 a duck to enter.

There were five prizes up for grabs in each race - £25 for first place, £20 for the runner-up, £15 for third, £10 for fourth and £5 for fifth place.

Hundreds of people lined the banks of Wilberfoss beck for the event on Easter Sunday, which also featured a tombola, raffle and a number of stalls.

Races started at about 2pm.

Steve Langstaff, chairman of the duck race organising committee, said: “We ran out of tickets by 1.45pm. We sold more pre-sale tickets than ever. We usually do 50% pre-sale, but we did 60% pre-sale.

“I have done the event for 15 years, we used to have 50 ducks in a race. This year there were 250. Next year it’s likely to be 300 or more.

“It was a huge success.”

• More pictures of the event in this week’s paper (9 April).