Humberside Police Night Challenge 2014 event takes place this weekend

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On Saturday 5th April 2014 from 5.30pm, 150 young people from across the Humberside Police area will be taking part in the Humberside Police Night Challenge competition. Teams consisting of members aged between 13 to 17 years will be departing from Hull Ionians at fifteen minute intervals throughout the night untilaround midnight; completing a 10.5 mile hike across East Riding through, Welton, Elloughton and Brantingham Dale.

The event is made possible through principal sponsorship from the High Sheriffs’ and Humberside Police Tribune Trust. We have also teamed up with, Humberside Police Scenes of Crime Team, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Humberside Fire and Rescue, Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers Club (HALO) and HM Prison Service Humber who will be providing five fantastic challenges along the way for teams – exploring all aspects of team work and presenting some valuable learning opportunities.

The first challenge, posed by HALO is designed to engage the young participants immediately and equip them with orienteering skills in preparation to take on the challenging terrain ahead and the further set challenges en-route.

Superintendent Umberto Cuozzo, Head of Humberside Police’s Community Safety Unit said,

“This year we are pleased to be welcoming young people from across the force area including teams from Hull, Holderness, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe and Goole.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to work together as part of a team and think differently to overcome the challenges that the event puts before them. Night Challenge brings together a number of organisations and volunteers to help 150 young people from local communities develop new skills in challenging conditions and in doing so improve their confidence, self esteem and give a real sense of achievement. Much of what they learn from the event will no doubt help equip them for life as they grow older.’

Governor of HMP Humber Ed Cornmell also endorsed the Night Challenge event adding,

“HMP Humber is really pleased to be part of the Night Challenge. HMP Humber is committed to preventing crime and supporting the community. Our aim is to work with prisoners to create good citizens - rehabilitating them to return to our community and lead crime free lives - not creating further victims. Night Challenge is a great way of engaging with younger people who we do not want to see visit us in a formal capacity!

“The staff within the prison work every day with often challenging people to help them turn their lives around, so with that in mind the task we have set has been developed based on a prison theme encouraging young people to draw upon their “soft skills”. They will need to fully use their powers of observation, thinking and communications skills to ensure that they are released successfully from our custody.”

Other challenges along the route set by the following partners, inspiring teams to do their best are;

Humberside Fire & Rescue Service – ‘Build this’ We will test all aspects of the young people’s skills involving testing the young people’s practical leadership, delegation, utilisation of individuals’ skills and patience. The challenge will involve the team constructing a structure from the equipment provided such as ropes and timber. The young people will be provided with guidance prior to attempting the challenge.

Humberside Police – ‘CSI Humberside’ - During the course of their expedition teams will come across a crime scene. They will be expected to assess the scene and identify and detail the forensic evidence left behind by the offender(s).

Maritime and Coastguard Agency – ‘Let’s get carried away with flags’ - An activity to challenge participants’ teamwork, problem solving and communication skills. They will be challenged to select a team member who they will safely secure into a Troll Stretcher. They then have to work together to carry the stretcher over a short distance to the Coastguard Flag Pole!

The Office of The Police and Crime Commissioner will also be represented by Commissioner Matthew Grove’s deputy, Paul Robinson. With youth engagement featuring within the Police and Crime Plan, Mr Robinson was keen to be personally involved and experience the event first-hand. He said;

“I’m looking forward to taking part in Night Challenge and meeting my team members and all those taking part in such a positive event. Night Challenge is recognised as making a significant contribution in diverting young people away from drugs, alcohol and crime.

“To be spending time with such positive role models from the Police, volunteers and all involved agencies can only benefit the young people taking part. I’m certainly up for the rigours of Night Challenge and I’m prepared for whatever the elements throw at us during the night!”

Photo and interview opportunities

Members of the media are welcome to attend the event, go out and find out more about some of the challenges as well as photograph/film/interview youngsters taking part.

Interested media are asked to contact Janet Brown of Humberside Police’s Media Team on 01482 578106 in the first instance to confirm their attendance. Those wishing to capture the first team setting off are asked to arrive at 1700hrs.

The media contact on the day of the event is Lisa Whitton of the Humberside Police Lifestyle Team on 07790 017 994.

Background Information for Editors

Having originated as ‘Nite Pilot in the 80’s, The High Sheriffs’ and Humberside Police Tribune Trust reintroduced the Night Challenge in 2007, whilst remaining principal supporters of the event; Night Challenge has now been included within the remit of the Humberside Police Community Safety Unit’s Youth Engagement Team, who are responsible for bringing the highly successful Lifestyle and Rock Challenge youth initiatives to the force. The Night Challenge now adds a third dimension to the youth engagement portfolio offering young people a real sense of adventure and to learn to respect others and the countryside.

Night Challenge is planned in association with the Humberside Police Community Safety Unit’s Youth Engagement Team, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Humberside Police Scenes of Crime Unit, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, HMP Humber and HALO.

Our overall aim is to encourage young people to work together as a team, in challenging conditions throughout the night in the countryside whilst attempting mental and physical tasks needing each team member to remain focussed whilst using a wide variety of skills in difficult and unusual circumstances.

As well as receiving basic map reading and navigation training each team will be accompanied by a walking supervisor, who are volunteers from both Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, who will advise and support if needed should any difficulties arise. For many of the youngsters, it is the first time they have experienced the countryside.