Humberside airport to welcome war time visitor - a Flying Fortress bomber

The Sally B
The Sally B

Humberside Airport is providing valuable support for the forthcoming Cleethorpes air show by welcoming a historic war-time visitor to the airport.

Sally B, a four engined B-17 Flying Fortress bomber aircraft, will overnight at the airport in between her air displays during the weekend of 27 July 2013.

As part of its support for the air show, Humberside Airport has agreed to waiver the landing fees and ground handling charges for Sally B, which is Europe’s only airworthy B-17 aircraft.

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was first introduced in 1938 and used by the United States Eighth Army Air Force. It flew daylight missions out of British bases to Germany during World War II. Tragically, thousands of young airmen never returned, but the aircraft is kept flying as a tribute to the sacrifices made by these men and their allies in the Royal Air Force.

In 1989, Sally B also played a starring role in the film Memphis Belle, which was filmed on location at nearby former RAF Binbrook.

Paul Litten, Humberside Airport’s commercial director, said: “It’s great to have such an iconic and historical aircraft visit Humberside Airport and, also to have it flying locally again in the skies for the Cleethorpes air show. We’re only too pleased to support the air show, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the region.”

Sally B is permanently based at the Imperial War Museum Duxford on static display when not flying. However, it is not part of the museum’s own collection, as it’s operated by Elly Sallingboe, maintained by chief engineer Peter Brown and his team of volunteers, and is solely reliant on charitable donations.

Photo - Zaid Meherali