Horrific dog attack leaves farmers in shock

NFU remind dog owners to keep their pets on a lead following horrific attack which killed three sheep
NFU remind dog owners to keep their pets on a lead following horrific attack which killed three sheep

Dog owners are being reminded to keep their pets on a lead around livestock following a horrific attack on three sheep in Millington.

The attack on farmland on Pasture Road, Millington killed one year-old lamb and left two with their faces ripped off who were subsequently had to be put down.

Martyn Nesom, the farmer, discovered the scene on the morning of Tuesday February 9 and said he and his family had never witnessed anything like it before.

They were left in shock and fear for the rest of their flock of heavily pregnant ewes.

The Nesom family is now working with Humberside Police and urging anyone with any information on the dog responsible to come forward.

“This attack has left us shell-shocked – it is worrying to think a dog or dogs capable of such an attack are at large in our community,” said Mrs Nesom.

“If a dog can do this to sheep, I hate to think what it might do to a child. We are all the more concerned because we don’t know the dog responsible and we currently have 220 ewes all heavily pregnant with this year’s lambs.

“I would urge the public and farmers in the area to be extra vigilant and if they see or know anything to get in touch with the police straight away.

“We have been touched by the many supportive comments left on our Facebook page by local residents – I just hope that in the coming days we can identify the dog or dogs involved in this attack so that we can sleep easier knowing our flock is a bit safer.”

The NFU is urging all dog walkers to be responsible when out walking – to keep dogs on leads around livestock and to keep them close in areas where they can be let off the lead.

County Adviser Lucinda Douglas said: “We are coming into lambing time when sheep are at their most vulnerable.”

“At this time of year a dog attack can have drastic effects even for ewes that are not injured, as the stress may cause them to abort their lambs.

“Livestock worrying is completely unnecessary and is totally preventable. Many owners do act responsibly and control their dogs, however, when they don’t the consequences can be awful. Attacks on farm animals cause untold suffering and horrendous injuries, which often results in them being euthanised, as in this case.

“Such attacks can end in tragedy for dog owners too, as farmers who catch dogs worrying their livestock are legally allowed to shoot them. Obviously no-one wants to see this, but if dogs are out of control and livestock are in danger, then this is the last resort.

“We must work to help people understand the damage that can be done as sadly, with more and more attacks happening, the message doesn’t seem to be getting through with some dog owners.”

A spokesperson from Humberside Police said: "The force would like to remind all dog owners that it is their obligation to ensure that their dogs are under control in public and they are advised to keep their animals on leave on farm land. Failure to do so could lead to a prosecution for the owner."

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident and anyone with information should call 101 quoting log 154 10/02/16 .