Holme-Upon-Spalding Moor mum releases first book

Nicki Todd is releasing her first book 'Ah, feck it' next week
Nicki Todd is releasing her first book 'Ah, feck it' next week

A mum-of-two and solicitor from Holme-Upon-Spalding Moor has published her first book and says it is one of her biggest achievements.

A solicitor by day, Nicki Todd put pen to paper while on maternity leave and has now published her first novel, ‘Ah, Feck It!’.

Having also written a legal sitcom during her time off, Nicki was told by a writer and producer of Shameless that some of her jokes were too crude.

“I found it funny that he thought my jokes were too crude,” laughed Nicki.

Her first book, which was released on Amazon last week, tells the story of a mum not quite sure how to spend her new-found spare time after her daughter starts school .

The 40-year-old said: “I think it’s quite relatable to a lot of mothers really.

“It is a fiction novel but I would say there’s definitely certain situations that are similar to something that has happened in my life.”

The novel follows the story of Jessica and her struggles with suburban living, as well as maintaing a happy marriage, bringing up a child, being accepted by the in-laws, keeping friends happy or motivating yourself to get back to work.

Nicki, originally from West Yorkshire, moved to Seaton Ross with her husband from York before settling in Holme-Upon-Spalding Moor in 2009.

Following the book’s release, on Thursday March 30, Nicki has received hundreds of messages of support as family, friends and strangers await the arrival of her novel.

Having left school at 16, she went to beauty college to become a make-up artist and jokes that in truth she had just hoped to get a ticket to Hollywood and marry Brad Pitt.

Instead she got a job as a legal secretary and eight years later qualified as a solicitor.

But writing has always been a passion and Nicki said she took advantage of having a baby who slept most of the day to write.

“I’ve just loved it, its one of the best things, apart from cheesy stuff like marrying my husband and having my children, I’ve ever done. It’s one of my biggest accomplishments,” said Nicki.

Nicki has already written the prequel to ‘Ah, Feck It’ and is eagerly awaiting the reviews of her first novel.