‘History of Photography’ talk at Probus Club meeting

Pocklington Probus Club
Pocklington Probus Club

The Pocklington Probus Club held its October meeting in the Freemasons’ Hall Pocklington.

The chairman, Julian Tremayne, welcomed members and the speaker, a club member, Noel Stamp. After a small amount of business, Noel began his talk on ‘The History of Photography.’

Noel’s talk was profusely illustrated with photographs of his own making which reinforced his opening remarks about his lifelong interest in photography and his pursuit of the subject as an enthusiastic amateur.

Starting with pinhole camera he progressed through the earliest days of photography and, indeed, by showing a photograph of a lens found by archaeologists in Babylon Noel enthralled his audience with explanations of the operation of cameras, the development of methods of bringing the photographic image to the general public.

He also showed the contrast between the early photographers who had to have a large vehicle to convey the cumbersome equipment with the modern digital camera which can be carried in a pocket and give instant photographs at the command of a button.

He drew attention to the pioneers of photography such as Monsieur Daguerre in France and Mr Fox-Talbot in Wiltshire. He paid particular attention to Mr Eastman from America who really marketed photography to the general public with his ‘Box Brownie’ camera.

The uses to which photography has been put through the years was touched upon with superb illustrations of large photographic equipment used for industrial purposes and aerial photography.

A vote of thanks proposed by Malcolm Fairbairn was carried unanimously.