Help keep crime in Pock low

Cllr Graham Perry is hoping to set up neighbourhood watch schemes across Pocklington.
Cllr Graham Perry is hoping to set up neighbourhood watch schemes across Pocklington.

Following the success of a neighbourhood watch scheme, a councillor is urging other schemes to form to keep crime in Pocklington low.

Cllr Graham Perry set up a successful neighbourhood scheme three years ago and is now looking to expand the concept to around 30 neighbourhood areas in the town with the aim of keeping crime down.

Cllr Perry said: “I think it seems like the town could be split into 30 self contained zones. They would operate as their own thing, manage their own activities and control what they do and what information they need.

“The funded police presence in Pocklington which we had 10 to 15 years ago is no longer in place due to central government cuts.

“Pocklington is a low crime area but we want to keep it that way.”

Police officers who once worked in Pocklington have been transferred to areas such as north Bridlington and Goole.

The most recent information circulated to residents as part of scheme at Mile End Park included information from admin at Pocklington Police station and local residents. These included a man going around trying doors, cars being stolen, attempted break ins in cars and cold callers who had convinced two women to give the caller their bank details.

“These women rang me the next day after making themselves ill overthinking during the night and we were able to sort everything with the bank before anything was done,” added Cllr Perry.

“It’s about getting residents to mutually support and help each other by keeping their eyes and ears open and 
reporting it to get some action taken.”

The scheme in the Mile End Park area includes around 60 houses. Information is handed out and as chairman and treasurer residents can come to Cllr Perry with concerns and issues.

It costs £3 a year, for the first year it costs £5 per house due to additional one-off purchases such as signs.

Cllr Perry will present his proposed area plans for the scheme at the next Pocklington Town Council meeting.

He also hopes to host an open evening styled event so residents can find out more information.

For more details about the scheme and to express an interest contact Cllr Perry on (01759) 304834 or email