Heaps of money for Peter Heap furniture

This Peter Heap 'Rabbitman' coffee table realised �1,300 at auction.
This Peter Heap 'Rabbitman' coffee table realised �1,300 at auction.

Record prices were achieved for a collection of Peter Heap ‘Rabbitman’ furniture at Chris Clubley and Co’s recent auction.

A dining table and six chairs found a new buyer at £1,800. A coffee table found a buyer at £1,300. A tallboy realised £1,400. A corner cupboard got away at £800. The final lot of the Heap furniture, a large dresser, realised £4,000.

Demand for smaller items of the Heap furniture was also strong. A tea trolley drank away to £380 and a pair of circular ceiling lights lit up to £420.

A question is often asked of why the presence of a Yorkshire critters mark adds so significantly to value.

A large number of good quality oak pieces were made, lacking a symbol, and make far less in the auction rooms.

An answer comes down to confidence. A critter mark, especially a mouse or rabbit, denotes superb quality.

People are confident a piece of furniture they buy with that mark is worth what they pay for it and will not decrease in value.