Sisters together against arthritis

The Edwards family
The Edwards family

Sisters Georgie and Lydia Edwards,are preparing for challenging runs to raise money for Arthritis Research UK - after having watched their sister live with the condition since early childhood.

Georgie Edwards, 28, will be running the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon in York, and her sister Lydia, 22, will be pounding the streets of Newcastle, Gateshead and South Shields for the Great North Run.

Throughout their respective challenges, they will have in their mind their sister Harriet, 24, who was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of five and has experienced some very tough times at the hands of the painful and at times debilitating disease.

Despite living with severe arthritis all through her childhood, teens and early twenties, Harriet successfully completed medical school and is now a doctor at a busy London hospital. All three girls attended Pocklington School.

Harriet said: ‘I absolutely love being a doctor. I know how I want to be treated as a patient and so I treat people as I have always liked to be treated.

‘I think I grew up wanting to be like the people who were looking after me. Since I was 13 I have never wanted to be anything other than a doctor.’

Harriet and her sisters have raised more than £3,000 for Arthritis Research UK over the years. Harriet has made perfume and bubble bath from garden flowers and sold them outside their house in Driffield, East Yorkshire where they grew up. Lydia and Georgie have taken part in various sponsored sports events.

Georgie and Lydia said “As a family we would love to see a cure one day for this disease, and we saw this as a great opportunity to raise awareness and test our fitness at the same time.”

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