Rats in me kitchen what am I gonna do?

Leafield Road Bainton, Anthony and Siobann Kilkenny with sons Ben 12, Jack 11, Alfie 8, Bobby-Joe 7 (all  Mason)
Leafield Road Bainton, Anthony and Siobann Kilkenny with sons Ben 12, Jack 11, Alfie 8, Bobby-Joe 7 (all Mason)

Anthony and Siobann Kilkenny with children Ben 12, Jack 11, Alfie 8, Bobby-Joe 7.

Siobann Kilkenny, 38, said rats had chewed through her kitchen worktops, floor and ceiling - not to mention electrical wiring - at her at her council house on Leafield Road, Bainton.

Now she says her house is a fire hazard for her four children aged seven, eight, 11 and 12 - and claims that the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has refused to rehouse her.

She believes that the council should have carried out maintenance work which would have prevented the rats from entering her home in the first place.

Fighting back tears, she told The Driffield Times and Post: “If you pay rent to a landlord you expect a decent standard of living, but if the council thinks this is decent they’ve got another thing coming.

“I’ve done everything I can for my family but we are stuck. Getting the council to do anything is just a nightmare.”

Mrs Kilkenny says the rats entered her home in December, possibly from next door which has been empty for some time.

She said she’s had problems sleeping because she can hear the rats, which are in every room. She said she had resorted to plugging holes which they’d made in the floorboards with jam jars and gaffer tape. She said she saw one rat on her worktop which was bigger than a child’s shoe.

Although council electrician came to the property last Thursday, Mrs Kilkenny said he was called away on another job by his boss and left her the downstairs with only one working socket for the whole weekend - and the rest of the sockets had wires hanging out.

She added: “All this is making me ill. I’ve spent two days crying over this and I just can’t take anymore.”

Mrs Kilkenny said the council’s pest control team as well as a fire safety officer have also visited her home.

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “We have been aware of these issues and have been working with the family to resolve them.

“Work has been carried out to make safe the cables which appear to have been damaged by the rats and we expect the electrical work to be completed by the end of this week.”