Chance to join Stoptober with e-cigs giveaway

Thousands of people will attempt to give up smoking this month as part of a nationwide NHS Stoptober campaign.

Many people improve their chances of quitting by switching to electronic cigarettes, which dispense a nicotine and water combination in the form of steam.

Ex smoker Danny Berriman has seen the health benefits of the new cessation system and, with Libby Bliss, has started selling e-cigarette kits on markets in Driffield, Pocklington, Beverley and North Cave.

He has been astounded by the success of many of his customers, including one 60 a day smoker who managed to quit completely after swapping tobacco for the electronic substitute.

The NHS believes that by stop for 28 days, smokers are five times more likely to stay smokefree.

“They are not giving up the nicotine, but are giving up the chemicals and the tar,” said Mr Berriman.

Now, as part of the campaign, he is offering 10 readers a free e-cigarette kit worth £20.

Simply turn up at his market stall on Driffield main street on Thursday with a copy of the Driffield Times and Post.

The kit includes an e-cigarette and charger in a handy pouch. There are more than 80 flavours of oil to choose from, boasting different levels of nicotine content.

Mr Berriman runs B and B Marketing with Libby and she said e-cigarettes were 20 times cheaper than the real thing as the oil was just £10 for three bottles. Each bottle is equivalent to around 100 cigarettes, where as a pack of 20 real cigarettes is around £8.

The couple are also offering free support during the month long Stoptober campaign.

And for those who cannot get to one of the markets they can be contacted on 07816076045 or via their website at