Health scare sparks Eddie’s bid for glory

Gym owner Eddie Sykes with his two bodybuilding trophies.
Gym owner Eddie Sykes with his two bodybuilding trophies.

A Pocklington gym owner has used a health scare to spur him on to national bodybuilding success.

Eddie Sykes, co-owner of Fitness Connection 1079 on Allerthorpe Business Park, has claimed two Mr UK titles in his class, winning his first two competitions.

Mr Sykes, who is also a personal trainer, had a run of back luck starting in 2016 when a fire at his house left him homeless.

While in rented accommodation he picked up an infection due to the smoke and then tore a muscle in his shoulder which left him with a low level form of sepsis.

He faced three major operations within three weeks and the prospect of having his left arm amputated.

Mr Sykes had been in the fitness industry for many years and trained for many different goals and targets.

He had always enjoyed the weight training side and was interested in how the body works and how nutrition effects the body so used this interest to set himself a new challenge.

He took up bodybuilding, one of the most disciplined sports around, and started to train hard so he could reach a standard good enough to enter his first competition, showing determination to be the best.

His training programme saw him win the regional title and then he claimed the national accolade.

Mr Sykes said: “After I got out of hospital I decided needed a challenge.

“I turned to competitive bodybuilding. Something I’d always followed but never had the confidence to have a go at.

“I trained and dieted extremely hard and then entered the Mr UK competition, my first bodybuilding contest.

“I managed to win my class which qualified me to compete for Mr Britain title.

“I continued to train hard with this goal in mind.

“Against a strong line-up of 16 other bodybuilders who had all qualified for the same competition, I won Mr Britain title in my class. Two competitions in six months finished with two big wins.

“It shows that when you put your mind to a goal and you want it enough, anything is possible.”