Having a go at the council without just cause

I see that after a period of relative but welcome absence from your columns your correspondent Roger Bruton has again been offering his words of wisdom.

Monday, 4th July 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 4:55 pm
Having a go at the East Riding Council without just cause.

In his letter on June 16 he has some what belatedly picked up the matter of several unnamed East Riding councillors allegedly not paying their council tax on time.

Is this not yet another limp attempt by Mr Bruton to have a go at the East Riding Council without just cause.

Then on June 23 he has a go at the council’s leader, Cllr Parnaby. If Mr Bruton read his newspapers, he would see that planning officers and councillors have repeatedly promised to gather as much information as possible on the subject of fracking so that the right and proper decision can be made. What more does he expect them to do?

And while we are on the question of fracking, might I ask why the Pocklington Provincial Ward councillor, Andy Strangeway, refused to support a motion by the full East Riding Council that clearly depicted the council’s position with regard to future fracking applications, and how it would stand to protect the East Riding from any detrimental impact. The motion was passed by a huge majority from all parties, excluding Cllr Strangeway.

Perhaps Messrs Bruton and Strangeway should form their own political group.

Marcus Singleton

Barmby Road, Pocklington