Having a wheelie good time at Elvington

Becci Ellis (Picture provided by Aron Vickers Photography)
Becci Ellis (Picture provided by Aron Vickers Photography)

A host of motorcycle world and UK records were broken at Elvington Airfield at the weekend as thousands flocked to the World Wheelie and Top Speed Record event.

The event, which is run by Straightliners at the airfield every year, is the chance for motorcycle enthusiasts from across the world to try and claim a number of top records.

This year 46 riders took part with two from America even coming across to compete.

Perhaps the most spectacular record of the day when to Egbert Van Popta, from Holland, who smashed the world record for wheelie speed, by over 10mph after reaching an incredible 199.4mph.

The female standing mile UK speed record was also broken at the weekend when Becci Ellis, from Lincolnshire, achieved a top speed of 264.4mph.

Away from motorcycles the world mono-wheel speed record was also set at 65mph by Kevin Scott.

Trevor Duckworth, who runs Straightliners, said: “Egbert Van Popta record was absolutely incredible, he just kept getting faster and faster over the weekend, we almost reached the 200mph mark.

“We choose to run the event at Elvington because it is the longest accessible runway in the country and it is in very good condition.

“Saturday was the busiest day, we were a bit worried that the weather forecast would put people off, but we only had a couple of showers. The wind speed was quite high but it didn’t really cause us any problems.”
Henry Cole from ITV4s the Motorbike Show also made an appearance, breaking the record for Vintage Gasoline on his Triumph 3HW 350cc Pre 1955 with 88.8mph.