Guide Dogs charity needs your support

Guide Dogs' new puppy, called Romeo.
Guide Dogs' new puppy, called Romeo.

Volunteers are needed to help the Pocklington branch of the charity Guide Dogs.

The charity, which breeds and trains guide dogs for blind and partially-sighted people, needs volunteers to help raise funds for the charity.

Fiona Osborne, from Guide Dogs, said: “Fundraising for Guide Dogs isn’t just about standing with a collection bucket and a possible fully trained guide dog or a puppy, you could help in your local area by getting involved with organising events, whether it’s your local school fate or you perhaps can bake cakes and have coffee mornings or maybe your local golf club could fundraise.”

The charity also needs volunteers from the area to get involved with its My Guide service, which helps people who are blind or partially sighted get out and about, to do the things they want to do.

If you would like to raise funds for the charity, email or to become a My Guide volunteer call Suzanne Allott on 0118 9835555.

Guide Dogs has recently recruited a new adorable puppy and future guide dog called Romeo (pictured).

Romeo was named through the charity’s Name a Puppy scheme which offers groups, individuals and companies the opportunity to be part of their life changing work. By donating or fundraising £5,000 you can name a pup and it set off on an incredible journey to become a working guide dog, hearing about its adventures along the way.

If you are interested to find out more about Guide Dogs’ Name a Puppy scheme, email or call 0118 9830190.