Great Expectations for book

Robin Dermond Horspool
Robin Dermond Horspool

A NOVELIST has released his latest book which is based on the original ending of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.

The Mould of Time is the work of Robin Dermond Horspool, a member of the preservation trust which looks after St James’ Church in Warter, and centres on the early life of Miss Havisham from the popular Dickens novel.

It is a human drama set between the 1780s and 1880s and weaves in love, heartbreak, conspiracy, deception and revenge.

“My book, though, is no mere pastiche of Dickens, nor is it necessary to be familiar with Great Expectations,” Mr Dermond Horspool said.

“Though my narrative has to dovetail with certain elements in Dicken’s work, it nevertheless has an independence which makes it complete in itself.”

Mr Dermond Horspool said he discovered Dickens when he was at school and was influenced by Great Expectations.

He said: “I became fascinated by the story, especially the reclusive bride shut in the mansion.

“I wondered what type of person she had become and started doing some research.”

Mr Dermond Horspool, from North Dalton, who has also written three local history books, started working on the novel about 20 years ago but decided to shelve the idea when he moved to France.

He returned to writing it a number of years later after he moved back to England.

The Mould of Time is available to buy from Simply Books in Market Place, Pocklington for £8.99.

It can also be purchased online from Amazon.