Grand opening for new school kitchen

Peter Ward opens the new kitchen
Peter Ward opens the new kitchen

School dinners will once again be made at Pocklington Montessori Nursery and Newlands School with the installation of a new kitchen after the old one was destroyed by fire.

The new kitchen was opened by Peter Ward of Judsons on Monday, much to the excitement of pupils whose meals have been provided by St Aelfreds Roman Catholic School in York since the fire, sparked by a faulty appliance just before the Easter holidays.

To mark the opening students were offered a guided tour of the new facility.

Helen Steele, spokesperson for Montessori Nursery and Newlands School, said: “The fire completely wrecked the whole kitchen so it needed a complete refurbishment.

“We have relocated the kitchen to a different area of the school which is much better for us.

“Every day we have had to collect the school dinners from York, so it’s been hard for us but we’ve got through it.

“The new facility is fantastic and the pupils who never really get the chance to look around the kitchen, thought it was great.”