Good year for Conservatives

Councillor David Rudd.
Councillor David Rudd.

Membership of the Conservative Party across East Yorkshire continues to increase, according to Cllr David Rudd, chairman of the Market Weighton branch of the local Conservative Association.

At the annual general meeting of the branch, Cllr Rudd reported a healthy bank balance and a steady increase in the number of new members, including ‘new arrivals’ from other political groups who had become disenchanted with their former party policies.

He added: “It has been a good year all round for the branch.

“We have held a number of very successful fund-raising events and although Brexit continues to hit the headlines nationally there is still very strong interest in local issues and local policies.”

Officers elected were as follows: Chairman – Cllr David Rudd, President – Sue Giles, Vice chairman and business officer – Cllr Mike Stathers, vice chairman political – Leo Hammond.

Leo and David Gough were also appointed to sit as Market Weighton representatives on the Executive Council of the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association.