Golfer helped by divine intervention

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A SPOOKED golfer believes divine intervention from his son helped him achieve an incredible consecutive two hole-in-ones, on the same hole.

Morgan Allan, of Sherbuttgate, Pocklington, was on a weekend break in May last year when he made the first hole, which happened to be on the anniversary of his son’s death.

The shot came after Mr Allan and his wife had been talking about their son Daniel, who tragically died in a garage fire in Holme-on-Spalding Moor, with his friend Ryan Steels, in May 2008.

On 11 April, this year, Mr Allan visited the course in Southport, Merseyside, again, for only the second time, and, on the same par-three 16th hole, he managed to repeat the rare feat, after speaking to his son.

The 53-year-old said: “I quite often talk to him while I’m out there and have a chat with him. So for it to happen whilst we’d been talking about him, it’s almost like he’s still there in spirit.

“The first time it was total disbelief. For a golfer to achieve a hole in one, it’s a major achievement. The second time it happened it was beyond belief.”

Mr Allan went to Southport last year to get away from the memories of what happened to his son.

Speaking about his first hole in one, he explained: “We played on the Sunday and the Monday which was the anniversary of Daniel’s death.

“We were walking along the 14th fairway just reminiscing about the times, because Daniel played golf. We used to spend many a night out on the golf course with him and we were just saying how much he would have enjoyed being with us, playing the course.

“Two holes later, on the 16th, which is a par three and about 170 yards, I got the first hole in one. My wife and I looked at each other and thought that’s a bit spooky.”

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Mr Allan, who is the men’s club captain at the KP Club, decided to visit the course again for a weekend trip that club captain’s traditionally take.

He said: “On the Sunday I played reasonably well but on the Monday I wasn’t playing particularly well and I just happened to say ‘come on boy you’re not with me on this round’ and as soon as I said that I started playing well.

“Two holes later on the very hole I got the first hole in one, the same thing happened again. It’s a bit spooky really that I spoke to Daniel both times and achieved both hole in ones.”

Monthly magazine Golf Digest estimated that the chances of amateur player to hit a hole-in-one is approximately one in 12,750, but said to hit two on the same course could stretch into the millions.

Daniel was only 14 years-old when he died as a result of the fire in a disused garage next to the house where he lived on Chestnut Drive.

He and his pal Ryan, who was also 14, decided to go camping but are thought to have returned after it began raining.

During an inquest into the boys’ deaths, it was heard that the two of them are likely to have started a fire in the garage to keep warm, which raged out of control.

Daniel died during the fire while Ryan escaped but died a day later in hospital.

Initially, a murder inquiry was launched amidst claims the boys had been locked in the garage, however, following the investigation, police dropped the investigation.

A verdict of accidental death was passed at Hull Coroner’s Court.