Gold Standard award success for Woldgate

The Humber Gold Standard CEIAG certificate.
The Humber Gold Standard CEIAG certificate.

The Humber LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) have confirmed that Woldgate has been successful in its submission for the Humber Gold Standard Award for Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

The award recognises that a clear careers strategy is needed within schools and that successful CEIAG requires a collaborative approach across the whole school with people from a variety of roles to ensure students have good quality careers advice and guidance.

Schools hoping to be accredited with the award have to provide a portfolio of evidence (containing over 80 criteria) and then have a thorough one day inspection of the provision within the school to confirm the evidence in the portfolio.

A key component of the award is also having an impartial and qualified careers advisor on staff.

Whilst the careers advisor contributes to the CEIAG strategy in a range of ways, the key role is providing students with that essential 1 to 1 interview with a qualified impartial careers expert to ensure that they receive accurate and up to date information.

The Careers provision at the school is constantly evolving to ensure that students have the best knowledge and experiences to help them make informed decisions about their future.

One example of our continually evolving provision is our Skills Programme.

From September we will be launching this initiative which has been designed in order to help our students further develop and be able to demonstrate the key skills (sometimes called ‘soft skills’) that employers across the country often say that young people leaving school do not possess (more information about this to follow).

A big thank you to all the staff that contribute to delivering CEIAG across the school (in whatever way that might be).

It is this collaborative effort that has enabled the school to gain the award.