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People across East Yorkshire are being urged to fight dwindling beds at a new hospital in Beverley by joing a “Give a Hospital a Hug” campaign on August 24.

Driffild’s Alfred Bean Hopsital lost all it’s in-patient beds during a series of much cricitcised changes which saw a new East RTiding Comminity Hospital built at Beverley.

Now that facility has also been hit by cuts just a year after it opened.

The hospital on Swinemoor Lane has been severely criticised in a recent report by the independent regulator the Care Quality Commission.

Following an unannounced visit in June, 2/3 of the hospitals beds were forced to close in order to guarantee patient safety. The beds still remain closed and the regulator’s report has highlighted serious issues surrounding staff training and hospital management.

Campaigner George McManus, who has set up the ‘Who Cares’ campaign, called on people from across the East Riding to gather

at the hospital on Saturday August 24 to show support for the hospital’s future.

He said: “We’re really worried that public confidence in the hospital and staff is deteriorating. We’re deeply concerned that the hospital is in danger of failing.”

he said: “That’s why we want to do something positive and are asking people to gather at he Hospital at 10am to give our hospital a hug.

“Please visit our Facebook page - Friends of Beverley Hospital - and express your support or just come along at 10am and give the hospital a hug.

“Remember we’re all patients of the NHS, but some of us just haven’t checked in yet.

When people ask Who Cares?, we need to say ‘We do.”

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