Girl, 9, urges residents not to treat the world as a dustbin

Grace Chapman 9 wants people to dispose of there litter properly.
Grace Chapman 9 wants people to dispose of there litter properly.

A nine-year-old girl is urging residents to bin their litter rather than throw it in the streets in a bid to convince people to ‘stop littering the world’.

Grace Chapman, who goes to Warter School, has written a letter to the Pocklington Post urging residents in Pocklington and the surrounding area to stop littering.

On a recent trip with her grandmother, Lynne Charlesworth, they walked from Scaife Garth to Sainsbury’s, in The Balk, and counted six bins yet she was shocked that there were still items of litter scattered in the streets.

Grace, of Hayton, wrote: “Put your rubbish in the bin, if there isn’t a bin around then keep it with you until you see one. Put your recycling rubbish in the recycling bin not the household rubbish bin. Put your household rubbish in the right bin.

“Put all your food waste in the right bin. If you don’t use the right bin it makes it very hard for the people who work at the recycling plant.

“Please pay attention to this article because it is very important for the environment. Everywhere I look I see litter, litter, litter, it is disgusting, please stop.

“Please think about the environment, it affects everyone. The world is not a dustbin.”

Passionate about the cause, Grace wrote her article after seeing litter dumped at a service station.

Grandmother Lynne said: “Her mum explained to her that some people are just like that. She does get quite angry about it.

“I don’t think there is that many children that feel this way about the environment, its so lovely to see.”

Grace has praised those who don’t litter, saying: “If you are a person who doesn’t litter, then keep up the good work.”