Girl, 14, hit by car on way home sparks call for a safe crossing

The incident happened outside Woldgate School
The incident happened outside Woldgate School

A concerned mum has made a call for action after her 14-year-old daughter was hit by a car on her way home from school.

India Perry was hit by a car on Kilnwick Road while walking home from Woldgate School on Friday May 5. She suffered from cracked ribs and pulled muscles in her neck but her mum is thankful it wasn’t any worse.

India’s mum, Scarlett Dunhill, of Denison Road, said: “Both the doctors and the police said she’s had a very lucky escape, it could have been a whole lot worse.”

Speaking to the school and the council, Scarlett has expressed her concerns that there is “absolutely nothing” to assist children and create a safe crossing. She said: “Both Pocklington School and the junior school has a crossing and a lollypop lady and there is nothing at Woldgate.”

The hairdresser said she was thankful that the driver was not speeding. Scarlett added: “When I got the phone call I automatically feared the worse. This has been the best outcome it could have easily been a lot worse, not just physically but mentally. She’s lost all her confidence and she’s still in a lot of pain.”

Now Scarlett is hoping to set up a petition to have a crossing put in place and has also received a huge amount of support.

Headteacher Jonathan Britton said: “We were upset to hear of the incident at the end of school, as our pupil walked home. We continue to be in regular contact with the family as India recovers from the accident. I would particularly like to thank those pupils, residents and colleagues who attended the incident to offer their support.

“The school has already started discussions with elected representatives to lower the speed limit on Kilnwick Road from 30mph to 20mph, and to install a ‘buffer zone’ to slow traffic approaching from the direction of Warter. We also believe pedestrian crossings are required opposite the school and at the top of Percy Road.

“We are fortunate not to be in a busy city environment, but we believe it is essential that we take all reasonable steps to keep our children safe, on their way home from school.”

But a spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said a speed survey of Kilnwick Road near to Woldgate College was carred out in November. They said:“The survey looked at a number of factors including the speed of vehicles, the volume of traffic, the number of recorded accidents and the difficulty residents have in crossing the road.

“The results showed that the average speed of drivers was under the speed limit and the pedestrian count was low, even at school times.

“Overall, the road does not meet the council’s criteria to justify traffic calming measures, a reduction in the speed limit or referral to the police for speed enforcement under the speed management procedure.”