Getting stuck in liquid mud during valley walk

The fresh fish on offer at the fishmongers in Bridlington is superb. Picture:
The fresh fish on offer at the fishmongers in Bridlington is superb. Picture:

It has been a relatively quiet week, for me anyway. I have had no talks to do, but that also means I have had to address one or two domestic issues.

I came to the conclusion that the drainpipes that serve my house needed a thorough clean, so I arranged with the water company for them to be done.

The young man who attended was quite delightful and very thorough and helpful.

During the previous week my neighbours had had drainage problems and I was able to lend them some drain rods that solved the problem and now I’m sure that all is well on that front.

My property is more than 40 years old and things do need either checking, repairing or replacing after such a time.

I decided that my rather sad and antiquated toilet needed replacing and my plumbers came over from Market Weighton to estimate what was required.

I use them every year to service my boiler and to do anything that is required.

They recently fitted new radiators for me, which has made the house much warmer. The weather has been varied, at times it has been glorious and at other moments I have been dodging vicious hailstones.

Four of my dogs don’t really care, but my doberman/sharpei cross, Looroll, will not go out in wet or nasty weather.

I have managed to get them out on one occasion for a really long walk, in one of my favourite places.

They had a very energetic couple of hours racing each other up and down steep valley sides. I made a mistake on this occasion – I went to see what the spring looked like at the bottom of the valley.

Most of the dogs joined me and then we had to extricate ourselves from glutinous mud of the squelching variety.

Having got the four dogs out, watched by Looroll, I then had to retrieve a wellington boot from the almost liquid mud and put it back on.

Needless to say, on my return home some clothes washing was required as well as dog washing. I rinsed the boot out and it finally dried over a stick in the garden.

The birds in my hedge are nesting in earnest. They are also very hungry and get through bird food at an alarming rate.

I have taken delivery of quite a lot of garden things this week – a motor mower, a chipping machine for garden rubbish, and some fencing for reinforcing the barriers.

I sought the advice of the planning officer from the council about what I could and couldn’t put up and he was so helpful. He even paid me a visit to advise me on the heights of fences next to the pavement.

On the Friday morning, the tree surgeons came to deal with some of the many trees in the churchyard, making them safe and tidy for those who pass through, visit or use it.

This meant that many branches and bits of tree had to be removed. I went to be part of the team from the church to help clear up and it took several trips with the wagon to remove the branches.

I had rather a lot of fun, tossing the branches into the trailer, and one man passing correctly identified that I had, in the past, thrown the javelin. I admitted it was a very long time ago and only at school. I was also given quite a bit of the cut wood, which I took both for use in my garden and for a friend of mine who does woodwork.

I can construct a rudimentary, very rustic bird table from what I have obtained recently.

On Saturday morning I went with a friend to Bridlington, to help with our campaign. On arrival the weather was miserable so we retreated to a local cafe and indulged in a coffee until the rain eased slightly. We had an excellent response and met some lovely people.

When we called it a day I took the opportunity of buying some fresh fish from one of the many fishmongers there, which I happily devoured once I got home. I have always found the fresh fish purchased in Bridlington to be superb.

I had earlier parked in the harbour car park and when I went to leave the attendant very kindly moved a barrier to help me get out. Several cars had parked a little close for comfort.

The harbour looked busy and there were quite a number of tourists visiting this seaside resort.