Gas capsules alert

West Green, Pocklington.
West Green, Pocklington.

A call for more police patrols around West Green in Pocklington has been issued after a number of nitrous oxide canisters were found at site’s play area.

Youngsters have also been warned not to inhale the gas due to the dangers – including death.

Nitrous oxide capsules have been found at sites around Pocklington.

Nitrous oxide capsules have been found at sites around Pocklington.

The plea comes as concerned parents contacted the Pocklington Post to highlight their concerns while others have voiced their fears via Facebook.

Pocklington Town Council is also aware of the situation and revealed other areas are being used by people to inhale the gas.

The town council’s handyman found a number of canisters around the West Green area, with some abandoned next to a bin at the park.

More of the small silver capsules have also been picked up in Primrose Wood.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used in canisters to make whipped cream, or as a painkiller in dental surgery and childbirth.

Parents believe that these canisters are being used by teenagers at West Green before abandoning the capsules

When the gas from these canisters are inhaled it can produce feelings of relaxation and euphoria but also dizziness.

However, the gas can also cause death as a result of lack of oxygen when consumed, which can occur within a few minutes.

The chargers are legal to possess although it’s illegal to sell to people below the age of 18 if the seller believes it is going to be used for intoxication.

Pocklington Town Council clerk Gordon Scaife said: “It’s the out of sight out of mind areas were they are being found.

“It is something we are becoming concerned about and we would advise youngsters to avoid using the canisters.”

Pocklington Ward councillor Andy Strangeway said: “There is an ongoing issue with drug taking and the police need to patrol the area more.

“It is a major congregational area in the evening and litter is just thrown everywhere.

“You cannot just move the problem on. You need to get to the cause of why this is happening and support the people who are inhaling the canisters.

“It’s a big issue and affects more areas than just Pocklington.

“It is something we need to look into. These are members of our community and we must get the balance right between policing the area and offering support.”