Garden centre wins approval to be greener

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A GARDEN centre is set to become even more green after plans to build wind turbines on site were given approval.

The application from Langlands Nurseries in Shiptonthorpe was put before the planning committee at East Riding Council where it was given the green light, as recommended by the planning officer.

The two 11-metre-high masts will have vertical spinning axis, rather than the more regular rotating blade models, which the applicant said are designed for low noise and visual impact.

It was also claimed that the turbines are the most efficient because they catch wind from any direction, unlike those with horizontal spinning rotors, and that wildlife would not be affected because of the vertical blades appearing as a solid object to animals.

As a result, it is thought the proposed turbines could generate enough electricity to power the business, which is situated next to the A1079.

The turbines will be built in front of the main building, close to the car park, and be approximately 40 metres from the boundary of the busy road and 140 metres to the nearest dwelling.

The proposals received no objections from the Public Protection Division, who visited the site to establish the level of noise created.

It was also given the support of the local parish council, providing the turbines be relocated to the back of the building.

However, the applicant decided against moving them, claiming the turbines would only be seen against the backdrop of the buildings and lighting columns in the car park, so would minimise any visual impact.

There was also one letter of objection from a nearby resident who raised concerns over noise pollution, possible light flicker and how it will affect the animals.

Despite this, the planning officer gave the green light, saying: “The proposal accords in principle with national guidance and local planning policies directed at promoting renewable energy resources.

“The proposed turbine has been designed to minimise the effect on the local landscape and in terms of the sensitivity of viewpoints is a small development viewed against the backdrop of a sizeable commercial use.”

They also agreed that light flicker and effects on wildlife and would be minimal.

When asked for a comment, Langlands director James Ducker said: “We are constantly looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly.”