Funding aims to help future flood victims

NPOC - Pocklington flood
NPOC - Pocklington flood
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Market Weighton town council is setting up a special scheme to help residents who may be facing the threat of flooding to their homes.

The council decided to set up the Market Weighton Flood Resilience Fund following the problems encountered by residents who suffered damage to their properties in July’s flash floods and help them protect their properties in future events.

The council acknowledges that flash floods will continue to happen in the town because of its location near to the Wolds uplands and mistakes made in Victorian times in covering over the Millbeck stream through the town centre.

Recent building and future planning has and will exacerbate the problem.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Peter Hemmerman said the fund will not be using any council tax but will be entirely funded by donations and grants that have been applied for.

It is hoped sufficient funds will be received to enable houses that flood regularly to install flood defences on doorways and airbricks.

He told the Pocklington Post: “There is no financial goal. It is just something we have thought about and whatever money we can collect we hope to be able to do something for people to help protect their homes.” He continued: “We have got several properties in the town that flood on a regular basis if the weather overloads the drainage system.

“A lot of them are older people’s bungalows and we want to try and do something to prevent the flooding and so keep them dry.”

The money could go towards barriers that can be put across doors or covers for airbricks to stop water seeping through.

The council will continue to work with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Environment Agency to find solutions to direct drainage overflow away from vulnerable properties and into the beck.

He said that although those bodies do what they can there was little possibility of a permanent solution at present because of the financial situation.

“We cannot see a permanent solution in the forseeable future so we want to do something else,” said Mr Hemmerman.

The council has not, at present, taken any decision as to whether some of the shops in the High Street that are vulnerable would be eligible for any money.

“We have to see just how much money comes into the pot,” he added.

Anyone wishing to donate to the fund can do so at the TSB Bank at 76 Market Place, Market Weighton or the Town Council Offices at Linegate.