Fuel prices surge across the region

petrol price
petrol price

MOTORISTS in our region are feeling the effects of high petrol and diesel prices at the pumps.

A rise in fuel duty put 0.76p on to a litre of petrol and diesel on New Year’s Day.

On 4 January, fuel prices increased again due to the rise in VAT from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent.

The average price of unleaded in our area, according to petrolprices.com, is 129.9p a litre compared to a national average of 127.88p.

The average price of diesel in Pocklington and surrounding areas is 133.52p a litre.

The average of price of diesel nationally is 132.24p.

This time last year, petrol was at 107.74p a litre and diesel was at 109.46p.

The AA estimated that in total, motorists are spending almost £10m more a day on petrol than this time a year ago.

Prices are set to rise again in the coming months with fuel tax expected to rise even further in April, according to the RAC Foundation.