Frozen pipe misery resolved

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A WOMAN from Barmby Moor who had no water supply at home for over two weeks says the issue has finally been resolved.

Carol Nicholson, of Sutton lane, was without water from 21 December until after the New Year because the pipe outside her house that connects the stop tap to the in-pipe into her property froze.

After numerous phone calls to Yorkshire Water, Ms Nicholson was eventually provided with a temporary water supply on 6 January.

It was not until nearly half way through January that she got back her normal water supply.

Ms Nicholson said: “It’s been a rollercoaster. You don’t realise without water how miserable you are because everything you do, your hand washing, your toilet, your laundry, cooking, you don’t realise how many times you use the tap. I was miserable I’ve got to say.

“I was going down to the beck with buckets just to flush the loo because it takes about 12 litres of water and I didn’t have that much bottled water. I was going next door but one for showers and buying bottled water until Yorkshire did supply me with some in the end.”

Ms Nicholson did not report her problem to Yorkshire Water until six days after losing her water supply because she assumed it was a frozen pipe and that it would thaw after a short while.

However, when the problem persisted, she decided to contact Yorkshire Water and initially received very little help.

Ms Nicholson said she phoned Yorkshire Water four times and on each occasion was told an engineer would contact her within 48 hours, but nobody did.

She said: “The urgency wasn’t there because I didn’t have a burst pipe and that’s all they kept saying.”

Afterwards she decided to contact the media tell them about the situation.

According to Ms Nicholson, she received a visit from a Yorkshire Water engineer on 5 January who told her the problem was nothing to do with them.

But she then contacted Yorkshire Water again and told them she did not think this was a reasonable response and asked for a temporary water supply putting into her property.

Ms Nicholson said: “From there, after I’d been the radio, they got in touch with me and said there will be an engineer there tomorrow and that’s when things started going right.”

She got her water supply restored less than a week later.

Ms Nicholson said she was pleased with the response from Yorkshire Water after she contacted the media.

She said: “Once there was media pressure, I hate to say it, they did seem to accept I did have a problem and were prepared to exceed what I was expecting.”

A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Water said: “Over the last month the cold weather has caused lots of issues not only with bursts on our own water pipes but also with customers own private supply pipes freezing as was the case with Ms Nicholson.

“Although private pipes are not the responsibility of Yorkshire Water, where possible we try to help our customers and in the case of Ms Nicholson, we supplied bottled water and then fitted an overland supply pipe so she could have access to water until her pipes thawed.”