From Sutton to Budapest...

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tEACHERS from a village school enjoyed a different half term recently- by heading to classrooms in Hungary.

Steve Woodhouse, headteacher of Sutton upon Derwent Primary, and teacher Jane Elliot, travelled out to the Eastern European country as part of an international partnership visit.

The trip, organised by the British Council, involved 12 staff from schools across the East Riding.

The teachers spent a whole week learning about the Hungarian primary curriculum and sharing thoughts and ideas about its effectiveness.

Mr Woodhouse said: “It was a wonderful week in Budapest.

“It is fascinating to see how another country approaches education and how the children learn in different situations.

“It was also a great opportunity to spend extended time with teachers from our own country, something we rarely get the chance to do.”

Mrs Elliot felt the trip widened her educational horizons: “It was great to see beyond just the normal tourist sights. We visited four different schools and were able to compare and contrast the Hungarian education system with our own.

“It gave us plenty of food for thought and an opportunity to reflect on what is good about what we do here in England.”

The 12 teachers had an eventful journey to Budapest after missing a connecting flight in Amsterdam.

“It was hilarious”, added Mr Woodhouse, “we were diverted from Leeds to Doncaster because of the adverse weather conditions in Leeds. When we eventually arrived in Amsterdam some of us couldn’t fly onto Budapest without first travelling to Paris!

“In the end Jane and I had visited five airports in twenty four hours.”