Free running not a crime but it could cause damage or be anti social say police in East Yorkshire

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POLICE in East Yorkshire are warning of the dangers involved in so-called “free running” following an incident reported in Bridlington.

Shortly after 6.30pm on Tuesday February 26, police were contacted about a suspected attempt burglary at commercial premises in Queen Street, Bridlington after four people were sighted climbing on the outside of the building.

Officers attended and four teenage boys were located and arrested.

There was no evidence of a break-in at the premises and when interviewed the arrested teens, aged 14, 16, and two aged 17, stated they were free running along the building lines.

Free running in itself is not a crime and as such all four young men were released without charge.

However the incident has prompted words of advice from Humberside Police.

Detective Sergeant Tom Napier, said: “Whilst no offences were committed on this occasion there are obvious risks attached to such activities and it is also very likely to be deemed as anti-social behaviour. There is also a risk of damage being caused to buildings which are being used for the free running which is clearly a criminal offence.

“Police will intervene if any cases are brought to light and I would strongly advise against taking part in this sort of activity.”