Four arrested for allegedly stealing lead from a railway line in Driffield - one man became extremely violent and spat blood at two police officers

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Four people have been arrested after being caught in the act, allegedly stealing lead from a railway line in Driffield.

A 999 call was made by a member of the public at 3pm on Friday 14 September, reporting men with wheelbarrows, allegedly stealing lead from the railway line near Meadow Road in Driffield.

As the metal theft was in progress and four traffic officers based at the nearby Driffield Police Station were already in the area they responded instantly, shortly followed by a Driffield PCSO.

The suspect vehicle; a blue Transit van was located nearby the railway track and the driver and passenger were immediately arrested.

The PCSO was used to preserve the evidence and trace witnesses. Whilst in the area PCSO Webster saw two suspects who made off from the scene.

PCSO Chris Webster chased the two men for 600 yards along a deserted path without support and detained them on his own.

It was apparent from his radio transmissions that he was having difficulty keeping the two men detained, so PC Worrall, PC Dickinson and Sgt Crawford returned to the scene to assist, leaving one Police Constable to control the initial prisoners on his own.

The three officers ran the 600 yards along the deserted path to the location PCSO Webster was and arrested the two additional men.

One of the arrested men became extremely violent and following a struggle spat blood at two of the officers and attempt to head but PC Worrall.

Fortunately the second prisoner was more compliant.

A search of the area located approximately 3/4 of a tonne of Railway fittings which were being allegedly stolen using the Transit van. The majority of the lead was recovered at the scene.

The investigation has been passed to the British Transport Police to continue with their enquiries.

The Divisional Comander for the East Riding, Chief Superintendent Rich Kerman said: “This is an excellent example of the type of work our officers deal with on a daily basis and demonstrates excellent support and team work between officers from different departments and ranks.

“I am always encouraged when action is taken as a direct result of a suspicious sighting, and would urge anyone who witnesses anything suspicious to call the police, you may be witnessing a crime in progress which could be dedected.

“I am very proud of the Police Community Support Officer and the Police Officers who attended to this emergency call and shows the courage, dedication and contribution they have all made to serve the public.”