Foundation launches new careers network

Speakers including Old Pocklingtonian Martin St Quinton (back row, far right) at the launch.
Speakers including Old Pocklingtonian Martin St Quinton (back row, far right) at the launch.

Pocklington School Foundation has launched a new Careers and Business Network to help support current and former pupils as well the wider school community.

The Network is open to parents past and present, staff and supporters, and Old Pocklingtonians (OPs), with the aim of sharing advice and expertise to help each other thrive in a highly competitive world. The Network has been developed in conjunction with the Old Pocklingtonian Association, who have been offering careers and mentoring support to former pupils for a number of years.

OP Martin St Quinton, now a renowned businessman and Owner and Chairman of Gloucester Rugby Club, returned to the school for the launch and shared his thoughts on what has inspired him throughout his career.

The school’s headmaster Mark Ronan said: “We are delighted that Martin has taken the time to help us launch the Careers and Business Network. We hope it will provide lifelong inspiration to the Pocklington School community, at every stage of their careers.

“The Network is something quite special because it brings together a community of incredible people, each with their own story to tell and their own paths to follow. The common thread which unites us is the Pocklington School Foundation.

“The PSF Careers and Business Network will help us all take forward the “spirit of Pock,” building on our past achievements and making the most of future opportunities.”

Guests at the launch, which was held at Pocklington School, also heard from Julie Good, School Governor, Gillian Jones, the School’s Careers and University Advisor and Trevor Loten OP, the Old Pocklingtonian Associations’ newly-elected President.