Foot-tapping funtime

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EVENT: Crazy For You

Venue: York Theatre Royal

DATES: Until Saturday

Review BY: Julia Pattison

I’m a great lover of musicals, so I was looking forward to seeing York Light Opera Company’s latest production of Crazy For You, an ‘All Singing! All Dancing! All Gershwin!’ musical.

The standard, as always, was very high, with excellent choreography by director Martyn Knight (assisted by Rachael Wilkinson) and a superb, large orchestra conducted by musical director Phil Redding.

It was good to see ex-Woldgate pupil Ashley Stilborn in the lead role as Bobby Child, a banker and 1930s playboy banished by his Mother (Lottie Child) to foreclose on a rundown theatre, where it was hoped he would mend his ways, becoming a more responsible person.

His dream in life was to dance, and it looked as though Ashley’s dream of becoming a professional performer is well on the way to coming true. Ashley was a complete natural on stage, with his dazzling smile never wavering. He looked like the cat who’d got the cream as he soft shoe shuffled on stage surrounded by a bevy of beautiful dancing gals. He proved to have a rich deep singing voice too, and his duet with co-star Polly (Alexa Chaplin) when they sang ‘Embraceable You’, was a joy to hear.

‘Slap That Bass’ was another highlight; I just loved the inspired human bass idea!

The costumes at the end were stunning, with lots of oohs and aaahs, coming from the predominantly older audience.

And there’s the rub...the standard was high, but as a musical, well, let’s say I wasn’t crazy about it, and I don’t think it would appeal to a younger audience.

I hope I’m proved wrong.