Flood wardens needed

pock beck
pock beck

WARDENS are being sought to keep a close eye on Pocklington’s beck to prevent any future flood disasters.

The Environment Agency (EA) has installed an electronic telemetry system to monitor the water level at London Street bridge, with volunteers being asked to warn others if it reaches dangerous levels.

The bridge became a bottleneck for water and debris during the 2007 floods. Huge volumes were unable to pass under, causing thousands of gallons to cascade into the back yards of London Street homes and St Mary’s and Joseph’s RC School on the opposite side of the beck.

Since then, hunderds of tonnes of gravel and discarded objects have been dredged from the waterway, which largely runs under the town. A steel trash screen is also in place at the London Street bridge to prevent any further debris being swept downstream and block the culverts.

Mayor of Pocklington, Councillor Martin Cooper said: “We have a new telemetry system installed to forewarn us of any issues with potential flooding. We need people from the area to become wardens and help us with a flood plan and monitor any issues with the beck.

“I would sincerely hope we never again have such a flood as in 2007, but the potential is there.

“If any homeowner of member of the business community is interested and wishes to learn more then please contact Richard Wood at the council offices.

“It is vital that we have a system of operation in place, as the floods in Pocklington tend to be flash floods and therefore require a fast and effective response.

“We are not talking about weekly or even monthly commitment, but as we know floods come once in a blue moon so we must be ready to act if required.”

Speaking at a recent council meeting, a member of the EA said a study into determining the trigger levels of when a flood is possible is continuing.

Figures from the telemetry system did show that the beck reached worrying levels during early January.

By warning others, it is hoped residents can act quicker to help protect homes and property.

Danielle Wheatley, of the EA, said: “We really want to promote this because it cuts out all the middle men.”

Anyone interested should contact Richard Wood on (01759) 304851.