Flood calls still pour in to fire services across Yorkshire

flood alert
flood alert

CALLS to emergency services with regard to flooding dropped dramatically over the last 24 hours, despite continuing heavy rain.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service dealt with just half a dozen incidents yesterday, down from more than 30 the previous day.

Calls also dropped in neighbouring North Yorkshire.

But the area is not quite home and dry.

Forecasters say there is more rain on the way today and tonight.

Early rain will gradually move away southwards. Scattered showers will follow, with some limited bright or sunny intervals developing. Tonight there will be frequent showers, sometimes heavy.

Below is a summary of the latest fire and rescue calls for Humberside and North Yorkshire

Humberside Fire and Rescue

Ganstead Lane, Hull. 26/11/2012 20:36:11. Localised flooding in rear garden. Light portable pump in use to remove water to local ditch.17186

Priory Road, Cottingham. 26/11/2012 19:40:49. Localised flooding. Fields and dykes full of water due to recent rainfall. No action by Fire Service.17185

Cloeberry Way, Drapers Lane, Hedon. 26/11/2012 18:55:17. Localised flooding in rear garden. Advice given to occupier. No action by Fire Service.17181

Catton Lane, Pocklington. 26/11/2012 12:01:33. Localised flooding. Otter pump, two lengths of hose, slipper strainer and two lengths of hard suction in use.17168

High Street, Scunthorpe. 26/11/2012 09:57:16. Water leaking onto electrics in shop from flat above. Water isolated to stop leak. Advice given.17160

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

26th November 17:08 Throxenby Lane, Scarborough
Crews attended this incident, where flooding had affected a garden. They used an otter pump to remove the water.

26th November 17:24 Whitegates, Main Street, Saxton, Tadcaster
Advice was given to local residents, and no action was taken by the fire service. 

26th November 19:11 Park Street, Pickering
Flood water entering cellar. Crews used a light portable pump to remove the water.

26th November 19:46 Beckside, Romanby, Northallerton
Two properties were at risk from flooding, after the road flooded. Crews used a main pump to pump the water away. Yorkshire Water also attended with a pump and the fire service left the incident with them.

26th November 20:01 Battle Court, Mill Lane, Boroughbridge
Fire crews attended to pump water out of property at the above address. Crews used a light portable pump and also asked the Environment Agency to attend. The crews reduced the water level next to the property and the Environment Agency left two pumps running to try to keep the water levels down overnight.

27th November 08:16 Chandlers Wharf, Castlegate, Malton
Crews attended  this incident this morning, and requested that sandbags be dropped off here. At the moment the water is not entering any properties. Crews will revisit the scene later this morning.

27th November 08:30 Bullamore Memorial Park, Northallerton
Crews remain on site here